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Women Entrepreneurs are Taking Over! Who is the Bread Winner of your Family?

Women Entrepreneurs are Taking Over! Who is the Bread Winner of your Family?

Mama Money? Daddy Dollars? or Team Mom&Dad

Modern times are rapidly changing. More jobs are being eliminated as new jobs are being created. Parents are becoming more creative in the many ways they can make money from home. Oftentimes, their hobbies which initially brought in a few extra dollars a month turn into full-time careers allowing their significant other the choice to quit their day job and assist with the newfound business. 

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As my curiosity strikes again, I started thinking about this more. Just focusing on the financial aspect of things, I want to ask those interested in sharing.

Who is the breadwinner and/or sole provider in your household?

As many lives have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of career roles have changed in addition to how businesses are run. In a previous hot topic blog post, I asked fellow parents: “Do you prefer your spouse to work in the home or out of the home?” While many said they preferred out of the home, there were a few who preferred in the home. I find it interesting to hear other opinions on the matter. Often reading other people’s stories can be enlightening and can help give alternative ways to your own method of things.

“Odd Job Mom”

My husband and I tend to share financial responsibilities. Before having kids we split all the bills. We both work hard. It wasn’t fair for just one person to take on all the responsibility for providing necessary essentials to live. After putting my medical assistant days behind to become a full time mom, I put my hustling hat on and still found ways to earn extra money and be home with my new baby. I talk about all the ways I made money from selling items to apps on my phone in previous blogs, be sure to check out, and the freeways you can earn a little cash.

A Man’s Perspective

I asked my husband, from a man’s perspective, given that some men have it built in their DNA to only be the “sole provider” of the family. 

“Babe, do you like that I am independent and don’t rely on you to pay everything or does it make you feel less “manly” for lack of a better term?”

My husband’s response: 

“As long as our needs and goals are being met and we agree with the specifics on how, then I am good with whatever the situation we have and (as far as “manhood” is concerned) it doesn’t matter who makes the money, just as long as it is made and we both contribute evenly to the responsibilities involved with raising this family.”

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What is your relatable sitcom?

One of my favorite shows is “I Love Lucy.” She is always involved in some scheme and drags poor Ethel with her. Haha! My favorite episode is the one when Lucy and Ethel get jobs, while Ricky and Fred did the housework. After just one day of switching roles, both were ready to call it quits. The men had made so much rice, it could have fed all of New York City. Lucy and I share a lot of similarities with our crazy adventures. However, “Ethel” is my toddler always down for a mission with Mama.

“Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”

The point is when it comes to raising our family, teamwork goes a long way. We all chip in to make each other’s lives easier so we can continue to succeed. When it comes down to finances, who is the main provider in your household? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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