Two Kids Under Two Years Apart: Benefits and Battles

“If you did it once, you can do it twice.” 

(or more in some cases)

I had always imagined my daughter having a sibling. I just didn’t think it would have been so soon, haha. Well, given the fact neither one of my kids was necessarily planned, it wasn’t a huge surprise. More terrifying actually since I ended up in the hospital for emergency surgery the day I took a pregnancy test. If you haven’t already, you can read the full story here.

I grew up with brothers and sisters. There was always someone to hang out with. Which makes many babysitting helpers now! 😉 I’m the oldest of the crew. I wanted the same for kids. To grow up with each other. I thought, “sure, this will be easy. We are already raising one.” Silly me! It is way more work than I thought. Although, there are many overwhelming moments at times.,I love watching my babies grow up together. <3. 

Big Sis Preparation

During the duration of almost my entire pregnancy, I had to go to the doctor once a week. After my appointments, Marci and I would usually go and have lunch. Of course, being pregnant my favorite place was the Chinese Buffet. We went at least once a week for a good 3 months. They knew me when I walked in with my big belly. Haha 😉 We spend the whole Summer going on mini-adventures. I am SO glad we did since 3 months later the Pandemic hit and we went NOWHERE.

We oldest and I spend a lot of time together. I didn’t know what to expect or how she would react to seeing our new addition. We read books about big/little siblings and I pointed out siblings playing together whenever we were out. Nevertheless, I did my best to explain to an 18- month old about her baby sister’s soon arrival.

Baby Clothes Galore!

There are so many benefits to having children very close in age. For starters, they can share clothes! Especially, if they are the same gender. Half the time I am folding laundry I don’t know which dresser to put them in. As soon as the oldest starts to grow out of something. Baby sis starts rockin’ it!

My girls are 21 months apart and pretty much the same height. Thanks to their Papa they have long legs and short torsos. We tend to go through more pants than tops in this house. I had so many baby clothes at one point taking up every inch of my closet. I started my online “Baby Boutique,” on serval marketplace sites.

Special Time with Mama!

Since Amaya was born I always made it a point to still do something with Marci once a week to keep our routine. In addition to making her feel like the big sister she is, I never wanted her to think the baby was more important.

Usually, on the weekends we will go shopping together. I let her pick out snacks and knick-knacks from the Dollar store. She gets excited to bring home treats to her baby sister. When we get home, she goes, “come Amaya, I have a surprise for you!” 

The youngest is more of a cuddler so we spend our special moments’ hugging and cuddled up. Even at almost 2 years old she still loves to lay on my chest. 

Toys, Toys,  and more Toys!

I could not even begin to tell you how many toys are in this house! A lot of the stuff the girls can play together. They do tend to play nicely…sometimes. Although, more often than not, I hear “mine, give it back.” Naturally, one starts crying and the other follows. Most of the time, I don’t know who is copying who. I’m sure anyone with more than one kid can relate! If I got a dollar for every time I said “share with your sister,” I could pay for both college tuitions in a week.

Our relatives started buying two of everything and guess what? We not only have accumulated double toys but.. they STILL find a reason to fight! 

The girls playing “nicely” with their DIY car track!

I am not going to lie. Sometimes, it’s hilarious to watch them argue. At least I know they can stick up for themselves. 

With that being said, I do try to come up with fun ways they can share together. My girls love to build towers. They fight over the lego blocks and other tower-building items. Some of the ways we get them to share and play together are by separating the blocks into two even piles. Each one has to build their own tower. Then, at times they will even knock each other’s down as part of the game. Whatever works right? 

Another fun game we do, which is more for a big sister to teach her little sister colors. We start by gathering all the blocks and placing them in a big bowl. Then, we use the “special tongs” to place the blocks in the correct color bowl. 

This encourages them to play together, take turns, and show praise to each other. 


My perfect Combo

I’m not the first to admit having kids is a lot of work. Whether it is one, two, or three kids. They all have needs. Although many days are more challenging than others I wouldn’t have it any other way. Do what works for you and your schedule. Allow the kids to help out with siblings by assigning age-appropriate jobs. I do this a lot. Especially for my oldest, she loves to help me in the kitchen. I will allow her to mix up the pancakes, I cook it, and we have baby sis be the taste tester.

The important thing to remember is they are kids as long they feel involved, it doesn’t matter what they are doing.

How many years apart are your kids?



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