How Mental Exhaustion Affects the Whole Body

“I sit down most of the day, how am I still tired?” Many people think it’s normal for someone to be tired if they are working out in a field all day or stand on their feet all day. However, most people who have a desk job or spend a lot of their time on mental tasks are often surprised […]

How to Build a Career as a Stay-at-home-mom

You are more than “just a mom.” If I added Mother to my resume, it would probably look something like this: Title: Mother 2018-Present Professional Summary: Strong, motivated leader, founder of Moms Mish’n. Co-founder of “M & A Lunacy Enterprise” Ambitious and hard-working Executive. Encourages teamwork and equal participation.    Core-proficiencies include: Communicating effectively in all forms of Gibberish Supervising Junior […]