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Do you prefer your spouse to work from home or outside of the home?


This thought had crossed my mind over the past week since my husband had a week off. Nevertheless, I do enjoy spending time with my hubby. However, as odd as it sounds, I look “forward” to him coming home from work. Does that make sense?

We both start our day at about 7:30 am. He leaves for work. I go to my closet “home office” and begin work at 8:00 am. Yes, I have turned my storage closet into my office.

Throughout the day, in between my shifts I often straighten up the house, prepare dinner, and for lack of a better term, “prepare” for his return. I get the kids excited. “Papa will be home soon,” I tell them. When they hear the front door, the girls run. “Papa!” It is so adorable! Who wouldn’t want that walking in after a long day?

The feeling isn’t the same when we are home everyday together. Since we have outgrown our apartment there really is not much room to “space out.” There isn’t any anticipation. We both saw the same things all day. There are no: “let me tell you what this little girl did today!” He was there. He saw it happen too.

Due to the pandemic over the past year, many work schedules have changed causing more businesses to be run from the home. So, I am curious to see your thoughts on this topic.

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