Creative Activity for Kids Reusing Cereal Boxes


“You’ve got Mail!”

I would like to thank the many years of being a nanny for my creativity. When it comes to kid’s activities, I always came up with something fun. While I was in high school and actually, for a few years after, I worked as a nanny for serval families. Some days I worked for two families. It was fun to bounce from house to house and hang out with different kids. I worked with children of all ages. I couldn’t even tell you which age was my favorite because I loved them all! However, the one thing they all had in common was the need to be entertained.

One of my favorite things we did was play “Mailbox.” I have always loved the concept of receiving a letter. I think I just liked the excitement of reading what was inside. Haha. I’m weird, I know.

Moving on, the idea came from something similar I did with my sister and cousins when we were younger. We would sit in the same room and write letters to each other. Then exchange them and write back. We even drew silly pictures. Clearly, this was before texting was a thing. 😉

I started playing Mailbox with the kids I would babysit and they loved it! Now, I have introduced the game to my kids. Although my girls aren’t quite at the writing stage, we make it work.

Step 1.

Get old cereal boxes to use as your “mailbox”. You can even use brown paper lunch bags. I have done that plenty of times!

Step 2.

Decorate the outside of your mailbox. You can use construction paper, stickers, markers, whatever you have. The point is to have fun! The same applies if you are using brown paper bags. Just decorate the outside to make it your own. We ran out of construction paper so this time we used a colored page of an activity book my daughter painted.

Step 3.

Now that your mailbox is nice and decorated. It is time to fill it up! Have the kids draw/color pictures, or write letters for each other. My girls decided to work together since the baby loves to copy her big sis. They decorated their pages with stickers.

Step 4.

Put your “letter” in the mailbox it belongs to!

The kids can then open their “mail” and enjoy their fun letters!

“Mailbox” is such a great game to get siblings to interact with each other. Also, the activity seems to keep the kids on the quieter side since everyone is busier making their pictures. The 2-in-1 activity keeps children occupied for a while. At least the ones I’ve played with! Tag @momsmishn on IG if you make your own mailboxes! I would love to see them.