How I Made Over $1,000 Cleaning my Apartment

Re-working my Do-to List

Let’s start with re-working my list after let’s call it my “epiphany.” I realized my to-do list consisted of many tasks mostly involving things for others. I was always stressed out and constantly cleaning to make space in our apartment. As our family grew the walls in our apartment felt as if they were closing in. We have been looking to move. However, there’s more planning that goes into buying a home than renting. We will save that for another blog. 😉

Taking a look back at number one of the list, “clean/organize the kid’s clothes.” 

Due to the lovely fact, I have two girls very close in age, they pretty much share everything. We had lots of clothes, toys, shoes, etc. the kids no longer used. Plenty still tagged as my youngest is almost the size of my 3-year-old! I bet you have a ton of stuff too! I worked my way through the clothes. I made three piles. One was the keep pile, anything the girls still wore or could be passed from big sis to little sis. Another was a donation pile, anything I would give to friends and family or take to the local goodwill. Lastly, one was for my “boutique.” We will get to that later. By the end of my cleaning session, I had a decent size selling pile. 

The way I differentiated the donation pile from the sell pile determined a couple of factors. I imagined myself in the consumer’s shoes and thought would this condition be acceptable for me to purchase for my child. Also, did I have any friends or family members with kids who can use these items? 

Offer Up

The next step was the fun part. Obviously, after the kids went to sleep because how could I do anything while they were awake! I set up my “photo” area. I laid my items one by one. I poured myself a glass of wine and snapped away. I did not take pictures of the whole pile. I chose a few items to start with, I think I did about 10 posts. Important factors to keep in mind when posting are making sure you have a clear description of the item. The size, colors, brand, etc. Try to keep a clean background, or use a solid-colored floor or blanket as I did. People are less likely to buy from someone who has their messy house all in the pic.  After I had the pictures I wanted, I set up my boutique on various marketplace platforms. You can even give yourself a fun profile name. At one point, mine was Kids Fashion and More. I initially started out on Letgo, which is now a part of Offerup. If you’re not familiar with Offerup, it is an app you can download, post items to sell, and have the option for pick up or shipping. For shipping options, you just need to print the prepaid shipping label Offerup will send you via email once someone purchases. Then, package your item nicely and drop it off at your local USPS drop box or post office. If you want to check out my profile, click here


Another great platform I use is Poshmark, which is similar in the sense of selling. However, a little different than Offerup in the sense of it only offers shipping options. Although, there are more opportunities to market your closet with inclusive “Posh Parties.” You can create your free account with my invite code: MISHB0517 and get $10 credit in your account for anything you may want to buy. Click here to sign up.

When inquiries started coming in. I got so excited. I always kept track of what I sold and how much I made. It was my little business. Some months I would make a couple of hundred dollars. I actually made more with shipping orders than I did with local pick-ups. This literally became my “job.” Now, I looked forward to cleaning out closets because I was on a search for items to post while getting unused things out of my face. I would refer to higher brand items such as Michael Kors, Juicy, Nike as “hot ticket items” because I knew they would sell fast. Especially, if it still had tags. Another tip for selling fast is to bundle items. Instead of posting 6 onesies of the same size. I would bundle a bunch of clothes of the same size and label “Baby Girl Bundle: 6-12 months”  along with the price of the bundle.

Facebook Marketplace

There are other places you can use to sell items you no longer use. Facebook Marketplace is a great option as well. I have purchased quite a few things from Facebook sites myself. 

Find Local Consignment Shops

There are also local shops I have used where you can upcycle clothes. For instance, in my area, we have KidtoKid, a children’s store, which carries anything from clothes, cribs, strollers, toys, etc. They accept all items mentioned as well. Bring your items into the store. Clothing must be cleaned and folded neatly. The store associate will assess the condition of the items and offer you cash or 20% more in-store credit. There are also upselling stores for men’s and women’s fashion. Check your area for stores near you. 

You can easily sell a ton of things taking up space in your home. You will be surprised how much you’re not actually using. I mainly focused on children’s clothes since I had so much, but I have sold other items such as suitcases, DVD players, kitchen accessories, and much more. In my experience, I have made more from Offerup and Poshmark than taking items to the local shops. As a stay-at-home mom it is nice to make a little money to have for yourself it gives you the feeling of independence. If you haven’t started already or have questions, feel free to reach out to me. I’d be happy to help get you started on your money missions!

Customized baby bundle for my buyer.

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