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My name is Michelle aka Mish, and I am ALWAYS on a mission. Since becoming a mother my mission list has become longer and my days shorter, but I always find a way.

I came across a sample paper I did in college the other day on one of my good ol’ cleaning missions. We were instructed to write a short paper on the person who has had the greatest influence in our lives. I wanted to share the sample in my first blog post as a dedication to my mom, who has always told me, “you can do anything you put your mind to.”

Sample Paper

1 September 2015

A little girl told her mother, “When I grow up, I want to be just like you.” The little girl was me. I continue to realize what an amazing woman I have been blessed with to call my own. My mother is my teacher, friend, and role model. She has the greatest influence on my life. Her strong independence and heartless actions are among the many characteristics I admire. Any woman can have a baby, but it takes a lot of love, patience, and care to become a mother.

My mother is the solid foundation of our family. After my parents divorced, my mother faced multiple challenges as a single mom to provide for her family. Financial stability became a struggle. She was not given the opportunity to attend college as a result of getting married at a very young age. I was very proud of my mom when she received her state license as a Nail Technician. She found her passion and she went for it. I admire her strength, willpower, and accomplishments that encourage me to aim for success. As the nurture of four children, she continued to dispense her unconditional love equally. Her extraordinary ways of loving taught me patience. Being the oldest of my siblings required me to mature at a young age. I had to cook and clean in order to care for my brothers and sisters. There were many days my mother worked long hours to maintain a roof over our heads and food on the table. She sacrificed to give us birthday parties, Christmas gifts, and vacations she couldn’t always afford.

The greatest influence my mom has had on me is my independence. She has raised me to be strong and not have to depend on anyone. There were times I’ve felt I was not good enough or could not achieve things. For example, when I had job interviews I would become nervous. She constantly reminded me of my potential, “you can do anything you put your mind to”. Her words motivate me every day to be the best I can be. I decided to go back to school to receive my degree in Social Work, not only for my passion to lift the lives of others but to lift my own life as well. I could not have made this decision without her.

As the years go by, I continue to look up to this wonderful woman. I can only hope to be half the mother she is. The day I was born she not only gave me the gift of life but the gift of her kind heart. There are many moms I have come across who have had negative impacts on children’s lives. To see a parent’s influence change the way of life can be good or bad. Some women do not have the patience it takes to raise a child. Some friends often joke by saying they are going to steal my mom for themselves. Although I laugh at the witticism, I am honored to have a role model I can call my mother.

The Future

Fast-forwarding six years later, I never did finish my degree. I made the sacrifice to dedicate my undivided attention to my firstborn. I went from working a full-time job, attending classes, and being financially independent to a broke stay-at-home mom who needed to rely on her husband for money. I quickly learned that did NOT work well for me. I have always been independent and I loathed the thought of having to ask other people for things. Therefore, my mission was to make my own money and still be with my baby since daycare wasn’t an option. I found an evening position at a local department store, it felt good to be able to make and spend my own money again.

Well, 3 months into working, I was pregnant again! I probably worked for another 3 months before leaving. I was exhausted, 6 months pregnant and spend all day with a toddler.

After my second was born, things became overwhelming. I experienced emotions I never felt before. I didn’t know what was happening, I was failing as a mother, wife, and just being me. I was angry all the time.

We all have missions. Sometimes we just need a little encouragement and positivity to get them accomplished.

Stay tuned for my next blog on Dealing with Post-partum depression.

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