Four Easy Apps to Make Money from your Phone


Phone Hustles

Here we are, back with Part 2 of my “at-home hustle.” If you read Part 1 you already know I went to town cleaning my apartment. It felt good to both make money and find another home for the things I no longer had use for.

There are SO many apps out there to make extra money right from your phone. I have tried a ton. Many of you are probably already familiar with most of them. Today, I am going to go over the ones I have had the most success with.


Let’s start with one of my favorites Rakuten. If you are not familiar with Rakuten, it is an app you use to shop online at your favorite stores and receive cashback. There are so many stores offering cashback just to check out using the Rakuten app. It’s easy, choose the store you’re going to shop at. Whether it’s Groupon, Target, JC Penny, Nike, etc. Once you click your store and activate your cashback any purchases made from the app you will receive cashback on.

Keep an eye out for double cash-back days. Some stores offer up to 12% cashback. There is an in-store cash back option as well. Just link your card to the app and when you make purchases in-store the app will automatically calculate your cashback in your account. For a limited time, you can use my referral link and get $25 back after making a $25 purchase at any of your favorite stores. Sign up here.

How you chose to get paid is totally up to you. There is a PayPal option or check. Payments are sent every 3 months and you must have at least $5.00 in your account to cash out or the balance will carry over to the next pay out period. Get paid to shop, how easy is that? Now you see why it’s one of my favorites. =)

My 2021 recent cashback activities.

Fetch Rewards

Another one of my all-time favorite shopping apps for cashback is Fetch Rewards. In my opinion, I don’t think Fetch gets as much attention as it deserves. Unlike Ibotta, which I will talk about later, Fetch gives you points for any receipt. Just simply scan your receipts in the app and receive points! Once you have reached a certain amount of points you can trade-in for gift cards. You can even get gift cards for $3.

I have bought so much from Amazon using gift cards. Thanks to Fetch Rewards. If you use my referral code (M4HDQ) to sign up you will get 2,000 points after scanning your first receipt! We like easy stuff over at Moms Mish’n =)


My Fetch Rewards Dashboard

Pampers Club Rewards

Now, let’s move on to diapers! As a parent, I have bought a boatload of diapers and now pull-ups. I’m sure you have to! If you don’t already have the Pampers Club app, download it now! Have you ever noticed the sticker on your pampers packages with a code on it? Well, you receive points for every code you scan! Codes are on wipes, pull-ups, and basically, any pampers products.

Then use your points to trade in for gift cards to your favorite stores or choose items from their online catalog. The app occasionally offers $5 cashback just for scanning 2 codes in addition to your points. Trust me, if your kids go through pull-ups like mine, those points add up girl!

Pampers Club Sticker Code


Lastly, let’s finalize this hustle guide with Ibotta. One of the more popular cash-back apps. I’m sure you have heard of it. I do use Ibotta. Although, probably not as often. The cash-back offers are more geared toward name-brand items.

I am a big Aldi shopper which has it’s own brand so a lot of the offers don’t apply to my grocery shopping. However, Ibotta will have offers allowing you to upload a receipt from any store to receive cashback or have a specific item, let’s say cereal of any brand. Those offers are great! Once you reach at least $20 you can again get a gift card or receive a cash payment.

My Ibotta Earnings

Get that Money!

I’m sure there are a ton of other apps for cash-back options. These are just my favorites. Before I went back to work, I hated not having my own money. I used these apps as ways to get cashback for household items I was already buying. Then, I would use the gift cards to purchase stuff for myself or my kids. Now, as a working mom, these are still all of my favorite ways to get free gift cards!

My husband probably thought I was nuts as he would watch me scan all my receipts. I remember him telling his friend one time, “I don’t know where she finds these things.” What can I say? I like to save my family money and earn cashback. Double Win!

If you have any questions about any of the apps I mentioned or even have some new ones you would like to share feel free to reach out to me or leave a comment. As always thanks for supporting Moms Mish’n. =)

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