How Mental Exhaustion Affects the Whole Body


“I sit down most of the day, how am I still tired?”

Many people think it’s normal for someone to be tired if they are working out in a field all day or stand on their feet all day. However, most people who have a desk job or spend a lot of their time on mental tasks are often surprised and shocked that they are still exhausted. Mental exhaustion affects your entire body in a negative way. People who are mentally exhausted will not only get tired but also often feel physical aches as if they have been exercising all day. Excessive use of your mind is just as harmful to you as excessive use of your body.

For example, many people who suffer from mental exhaustion, in addition to being tired most of the time, may start to get sick more often, have a lot of headaches, experience back pain, muscle aches, and more. Plus, mental exhaustion can affect your ability to get a good night’s sleep which can just make all the above worse.

Here are some examples of symptoms that are caused by mental exhaustion

If you have more than a few of these and have been burning the wick at both ends, consider mental exhaustion a potential culprit.

  • Constant sleepiness
  • Frequent headaches
  • Hallucinations
  • Impaired decision making
  • Inability to concentrate and focus
  • Irritability
  • Loss of appetite
  • Memory problems
  • Moodiness
  • Muscle weakness
  • Poor coordination
  • Poor judgement
  • Reduced immunity
  • Slow reflexes
  • Sore or aching muscles
  • Unexplained dizziness
  • Unmotivated

When people are mentally exhausted, their body tries to get them to take a break and rest in every way it can. As a result, this can make the body more vulnerable to viruses and other illnesses. It’s so important to pay attention to the signs of mental exhaustion. Thankfully, there are ways to combat and overcome mental exhaustion, which we will discuss next.

Track How You Spend Your Time

If you don’t know how much you’re really doing, it can be easy to just keep going 24/7 and never take a break. As a stay-at-home working mom, I am on the go literally from the moment I wake up until the second I close my eyes to sleep. I am sure a lot of you can relate! I try to take advantage of every minute I have to get things done. Well, not a huge surprise but naturally everything won’t get done. I have learned to be okay with that. Take some time to track what you’re doing daily for about a week. You can use your smartphone to track your activities or you can go old school and write down your daily to-do list. See where most of your time goes and try to find a balance.

Drop Activities That Don’t Produce Real Results

When you look at the activities you did while tracking, note the things that aren’t really producing results, or that are busywork, or that are completely unnecessary. For example, do you go to a lot of meetings? Do you have to? Do you spend a lot of time trying to help a relative, friend, or someone else without results? Let go of anything that you can either just stop doing or outsource. If you must keep doing it, find a way to put limits on it. This goes along with finding the right balance. Remember, you are just one person, focus on what is important at that time.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep Zzzz!

Most adults should strive for 6 to 9 hours of sleep every night. This depends largely on your genes, and sleep time is right for you. Use what you know you need. If you have trouble falling asleep at night, please solve this problem so that you fall asleep quickly and your sleep time is more efficient. To help get used to this process, go to bed at the same time every day for at least 30 days. You can start with the least amount of time, and then gradually find out the best time for you so that you can feel rested every day. Don’t forget how important sleep is for helping our bodies recuperate.

Exercise Every Day

Schedule exercise time each day. It doesn’t have to be strenuous exercise. It can be as simple as a brisk walk. You don’t even need to schedule in an entire hour. Look at your schedule so that you can determine when you have a few minutes to get fresh air. You can also separate that out into different types of exercise. For example, my kids love to watch Kids Zumba. I’ll often put on a couple of songs and dance along with them. The important thing is to get up out of a chair and move as much as you can.

Eat the Right Things

Eating the right foods can not be overstated. What you eat often depends on what you need. Ask your doctor to test the vitamin content in your blood, and then eat what you need to avoid deficiency. Besides low iron, if you are short on vitamins D3 or B12 you may feel severely fatigued and even anxious, which can cause you to lose sleep – thus making you feel even more tired all day long. Even though you can buy D3 and B12 (with folate) to help with this issue, it is still best to get a blood test to rule out anything serious before starting with any treatments. Try to eat small and frequent meals throughout the day. This will give you a break, boost your energy, and help you stay more focused.

Stay Hydrated

This one is kinda obvious. However, I suck at keeping track of my water intake. It can be very easy to get dehydrated. Most adults should drink between eight and ten 8-ounce glasses of water each day to stay hydrated. If you exercise strenuously you’ll need more. Tea, coffee, soda, and sugary drinks (even fake sugar) are all dehydrating and don’t do the same thing as clean, filtered water will. Take the challenge and commit to drinking enough water for 30 days, and you’ll see a huge difference. You can even add fresh lemon, ginger, or other fruits if you want something with a little flavor!

Take Regular Breaks

When you are doing mental work, sometimes it is difficult to take a break. Time flies by while you are working, and you just don’t notice. However, you must take regular breaks. Since the brain works in a 90-minute cycle, one way to achieve rest is to set a rest time of 5 to 10 minutes every 115 minutes. If necessary, set a timer. Get up and stretch, walk, eat some snacks, drink some water, then you will come back refreshed. Trust me it does help!

Understand That It’s OK to Do Nothing

A lot of working, busy people tend to be uncomfortable with downtime. They feel as if they’re slackers. Even if you have a mentally exhausting job as compared to a physically exhausting one, everyone needs to get away sometime. Letting your mind and body rest makes getting back to the tasks more enjoyable. Schedule your yearly vacations and do something fun or if you just stay home and look at local sites, that’s okay – everyone needs downtime and everyone needs time to do nothing.

Re-charge your Life

Recharging your body and overcoming fatigue so that you can get your life back is one of the most important ways you can improve the quality of your life. There is no reason you need to be exhausted and tired all the time. If it’s not a medical condition (and even if it is), you have a lot more control over how you feel each day than you think. It might be as simple as getting enough sleep and drinking enough water. You are the one with the power to figure it out. Don’t delay, so that you can get your life back and do wonderful things.


Methods for Dealing with Mom Rage


7 Ways to Limit Stress During Frustrated Moments

Parenting is never easy. We have our moments, we’re all human! I’m sure everyone in my building can hear us at times. Each time your child pushes those buttons, it is very hard to find the patience. However, when you start to see your children expressing themselves in rebellious ways, you can’t help but recognize the similarities.

Mom rage is not an easy thing to deal with and it is simply easier said than done to control in several cases. However, these methods below can help you stay calm and less stressed. = )

Count to Ten

This might sound silly. Yet it really works. Allow your child to see this as you do it. As you do the counting, take deep slow breaths. They may even join you!

Show Authority

Nobody has true authority over you except when you allow them. Furthermore, it is your choice to get upset or angry. Keep yourself reminded that if you give away more power, your child will have less to take from you. 

 Monitor Your Progress

Create a list of the incidents where you have been successful in coping with stressful moments. Write down what you did, how you felt, or what you can do to handle the situation better next time. 

Tell Yourself that It Won’t Last Long

Always remind yourself that it won’t last more than a couple of moments. I know at the time it seems like forever. You just want to scream because you need a F&*KI$G break!  Eventually, kids grow up. These moments do pass. 

Reward Yourself For Being Responsible

Keep reminding yourself how good it feels to take responsibility for your emotional reactions, your progress, and still showing up even on the hardest days. Give yourself some time for positive thoughts and feelings. Always Take Things Positively. Consider the idea that someone else always has it more difficult than you and that your experience can’t be compared to what somebody else may have. 

Don’t Respond To Aggression With Aggression

Keep in mind that responding to aggressive behavior with another aggressive behavior is never a good idea. This will just validate and enforce the behavior of the child. Your child desperately wants to become just like you and he or she would imitate any attitude you show. 

Become an Example. If you want to teach your child good behaviors, you will need to practice the things you preach so as to guide his misbehavior effectively in the correct direction. Always teach and show your capability to manage your emotions. Keep in mind that the spotlight strikes you. Hence, each time you feel enticed to curse or yell, stop and then reconsider that line of thinking.  

Teach Your Child The Alternatives

Show and teach your child some alternative techniques to manage their emotions. Provide approaches that are more constructive and more positive. Let them learn the ways to direct their emotions with creative expression. Encourage them to inform you whenever they feel upset or angry when possible.  

Along with these methods above, it is important to make time for yourself. I mean, we all love our kids to death. Yet, we all need self-love too. <3.



5 Ways to Keep Kids Busy While Working from Home



5 Ways to Keep Kids Busy

Summer is here and school is out! Well, for some school has been out as virtual learning has been the new way of schooling this past year and change. As for us parents, responsibilities remain the same. We have no “Summer break.” However, we do have to entertain these children while trying to work!

I don’t like to see them sit in front of the TV all day long, but I also don’t like to hear them whine out of boredom even more.

Here are some fun activities I like to do with my girls to keep them occupied in the house:

“What the Fort!”

Kids love forts, tents, anything they can crawl in. My kids have a whole Minnie Mouse playhouse they got for Christmas last year for this very reason. Yet, they still love our homemade forts with pillows and blankets. We actually re-purpose our pack-n-play by turning it on its side and using it as the base of the tent. Then add a bunch of pillows and blankets. The girls LOVE it!

Daddy set this one up. He even added the lights. I mean, how cozy does this look!?

“Schedule a Meeting”

Since working from home is the new normal these days. Some kids have gotten used to seeing their parents spend lots of time in front of computers with headsets and other gadgets. I don’t know about your kids but mine sure do like to mimic mama! They get so excited when I tell them they have a “video meeting,” like mama. This is where grandparents come in or really anyone your kids are close with. Mine happens to be their grandma. Simply, set up a mini workstation next to you, start the video call, and tell them they have to sit still for the meeting or the video is going to turn off. Sometimes I can get a good 10 minutes of them sitting down.

Build Something!

This is one of my favorites! My daughter LOVES making new toys with random household items. There are so many ways to be creative with this idea. You can make something new or even use another toy as a “model” and re-create yourself with fun items! We use all sorts of stuff, cardboard boxes, paper rolls, popsicle sticks. The point is to use your imagination! Honestly, sometimes I think my kids like the DIY toy more than the actual one. This idea also helps to teach kids to take care of their stuff. For instance, if they worked hard on making a paper boat, they may be less likely to destroy it AS quickly.

You could also use old cereal boxes to play mailbox as I described in the post, “Creative Activity for Kids Reusing Cereal Boxes.

Classic Movie Time

By classic movie, I mean bringing out the Disney classics. I CAN’T wait until my girls are old enough or should I say calm enough to cuddle up and watch movies. Fortunately for them, Mama and Papa have already started creating a collection!

Although my kids aren’t at that stage yet, this is something I did when I used to be a nanny. I would have to keep the kids relatively quiet when their mom was working from home. Ironic, isn’t it? Now I’m in the same situation! ;}  Back to the point. If the weather permitted us from going on outdoor adventures, we had a MOVIE day. I would set up the living room to resemble a movie theatre by creating cozy, specific, places for each child to sit. I would make popcorn, snacks, and yummy smoothies.

I even went as far as making silly announcements with the toy microphone like, “Please remain in your seat while watching the movie, please raise your hand to call the movie theatre “mommy helper,” (which is what they called me, haha.) The boys always laughed when I would say, “please do not throw food at others!” They knew I wasn’t playing with them.

Sometimes, if I knew movie day was planned ahead of time. I would make “movie tickets” out of construction paper. I would just write “MOVIE” since I didn’t know what we would end up watching. I decorated them with cute stickers and put their names. I would also make coupons for snacks to use at the Concession kitchen.

I’m telling you the kids would get so excited!

Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt. They aren’t just for Easter. You can customize the games according to your children’s age.

Some of my favorite things to hide for my girls are lollipops, stickers, chapstick, teddy bears, you get the gist. I will give them a little bucket of some sort and send them searching.

You could even do mystery hunts and hide clues. Again, customize to age.

You got this Mama!

I know it is super hard to keep kids occupied and with the Pandemic it just feels like we spend more and more time with them. I mean, I LOVE my kids dearly but sometimes we need a break too. When you work from home it is even harder!

I’d love to hear your ideas on other creative ways to keep your little ones entertained. Don’t forget to follow @momsmishn on Instagram to keep up with other fun things we may do!

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Four Tips on Maintaining Emotional Balance in Toddlers


Baby Burnout Blues

When you think of someone feeling burned out or overwhelmed, you may think of a person who works a lot, or doesn’t have a lot of time to unwind. However, your youngsters don’t really come to mind. The truth is anyone can become overwhelmed at any age. Kids can experience burnout too. Especially, over the previous eighteen months being in a Pandemic. Numerous day-to-day activities have changed. Of course, they don’t have major obligations and bills to pay but they DO have their own pressuring factors. Regardless of whether it is learning to process new feelings, or overcoming potty training challenges, many children do not know what being “burned out” means, and as parents, it is very easy to confuse with “normal” toddler tantrums.

Here are some tips I find to be very helpful in maintaining emotional balance for my little ones.

Restore confidence by stepping back

We have all heard the phrase, “less is more,” and in many cases, it is actually true. This is one of those cases. Whatever the challenge is at hand your child is dealing with, allowing them to take a little break helps to get back on track with a fresh mindset. The last thing we want to do is overwhelm our kids with frustration!

Most toddlers are eager to do things on their own. Especially, mine! Since they are so close in age, one quickly learned from the other how to say, “I do it.” I often provide opportunities for them to play and explore safely. Oftentimes, children will give more effort into something when they think no one is watching. There is no pressure anticipating a reaction from the person watching.

Zzzzz… is not for zebra in this case!

Healthy sleep habits are so important in children’s overall development. Based on recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics, children between the ages of 1-3 should get an average of about 10-14 hours per 24 hour period. This would include naps as well.

The same way adults are grouchy from a sleepless night, children show their  “grouchiness” in the form of temper tantrums. Establishing a bedtime routine is something that should have been set when the baby was born, lol. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes having more than one child makes things much harder. To be completely honest, we are still trying to make bedtime more efficient. As the girls are getting older they continuously find new ways to hype each other up every night, smh.

Fortunately, my youngest takes a nap at least 5 days a week for a good 2-3 hours. My oldest on the other hand? I have been trying to get that child to take a nap for 3 years now! Haha. Although, I strongly enforce rest times throughout the day. This typically includes tablet time, or a special milk drink, and a quiet show.

Healthy sleep patterns help maintain positive attitudes in not just children but grown-ups too.

Get Physical!

No, I don’t mean to drop-kick your kid across the room! Although, sometimes they make you want to. Moving along, all jokes aside, I can’t stress how important physical activity is for children. I mean, they gotta burn that energy to fall asleep right?

Things have been difficult for so many during this time. While many businesses were closed it was very easy to rely on TVs and tablets for entertainment. Especially, for those who live in apartment buildings or condos and don’t have a personal backyard.

I try to take my kids outside as much as I can. Even if it is just a short walk around the block, 20 minutes of fresh air can make a big difference. I’ll admit, we do tend to have the TV on a lot in this house. However, the kids love to listen to music, dance and sing along. They much rather prefer songs over shows. One of our favorites for indoor exercise is kid’s Zumba videos on Youtube. The girls have probably danced to them over 100 times. Even my 1 year old knows all the moves! The “minion song” and “I like to move it, move it,” are their favorites!

The bottom line is having some form of physical activity even for just a few minutes can help burn any unwanted energy when it comes down to Zzz time.

Talk it out

Communication is another critical factor in earlier child development. Starting back to when those little munchkins were still cooking, some doctors and midwives would recommend talking to our babies. Luckily, in my household, we have grown to talk about everything. My husband and I  like to use the cause-and-effect method a lot when it comes to explaining why we don’t do certain things. For instance, when the kids decide to throw food on the floor. I will say something like, “if you throw food on the floor, all the bugs are going to come, then we are going to have so many creepy bugs crawling on the floor to eat your food. Do you want bugs?” If your kid doesn’t like bugs it works lol.

The more kids learn the more questions they have. In both good teaching moments and bad ones, strong communication skills will go a long way for our little ones. We even use examples sometimes to get the point across which actually makes the kids pay attention more because it gets them involved in the lesson.

These are just 4 of the main things we incorporate in our household daily to help maintain positive growth and emotional development in our children. Not to mention, healthy eating habits, creative learning, etc. Children learn at different stages and not every child is the same. Understanding at what point your child’s behaviors start to change during a certain moment can help to overcome challenges and continue encouraging confidence.





Two Kids Under Two Years Apart: Benefits and Battles


“If you did it once, you can do it twice.” 

(or more in some cases)

I had always imagined my daughter having a sibling. I just didn’t think it would have been so soon, haha. Well, given the fact neither one of my kids was necessarily planned, it wasn’t a huge surprise. More terrifying actually since I ended up in the hospital for emergency surgery the day I took a pregnancy test. If you haven’t already, you can read the full story here.

I grew up with brothers and sisters. There was always someone to hang out with. Which makes many babysitting helpers now! 😉 I’m the oldest of the crew. I wanted the same for kids. To grow up with each other. I thought, “sure, this will be easy. We are already raising one.” Silly me! It is way more work than I thought. Although, there are many overwhelming moments at times.,I love watching my babies grow up together. <3. 

Big Sis Preparation

During the duration of almost my entire pregnancy, I had to go to the doctor once a week. After my appointments, Marci and I would usually go and have lunch. Of course, being pregnant my favorite place was the Chinese Buffet. We went at least once a week for a good 3 months. They knew me when I walked in with my big belly. Haha 😉 We spend the whole Summer going on mini-adventures. I am SO glad we did since 3 months later the Pandemic hit and we went NOWHERE.

We oldest and I spend a lot of time together. I didn’t know what to expect or how she would react to seeing our new addition. We read books about big/little siblings and I pointed out siblings playing together whenever we were out. Nevertheless, I did my best to explain to an 18- month old about her baby sister’s soon arrival.

Baby Clothes Galore!

There are so many benefits to having children very close in age. For starters, they can share clothes! Especially, if they are the same gender. Half the time I am folding laundry I don’t know which dresser to put them in. As soon as the oldest starts to grow out of something. Baby sis starts rockin’ it!

My girls are 21 months apart and pretty much the same height. Thanks to their Papa they have long legs and short torsos. We tend to go through more pants than tops in this house. I had so many baby clothes at one point taking up every inch of my closet. I started my online “Baby Boutique,” on serval marketplace sites.

Special Time with Mama!

Since Amaya was born I always made it a point to still do something with Marci once a week to keep our routine. In addition to making her feel like the big sister she is, I never wanted her to think the baby was more important.

Usually, on the weekends we will go shopping together. I let her pick out snacks and knick-knacks from the Dollar store. She gets excited to bring home treats to her baby sister. When we get home, she goes, “come Amaya, I have a surprise for you!” 

The youngest is more of a cuddler so we spend our special moments’ hugging and cuddled up. Even at almost 2 years old she still loves to lay on my chest. 

Toys, Toys,  and more Toys!

I could not even begin to tell you how many toys are in this house! A lot of the stuff the girls can play together. They do tend to play nicely…sometimes. Although, more often than not, I hear “mine, give it back.” Naturally, one starts crying and the other follows. Most of the time, I don’t know who is copying who. I’m sure anyone with more than one kid can relate! If I got a dollar for every time I said “share with your sister,” I could pay for both college tuitions in a week.

Our relatives started buying two of everything and guess what? We not only have accumulated double toys but.. they STILL find a reason to fight! 

The girls playing “nicely” with their DIY car track!

I am not going to lie. Sometimes, it’s hilarious to watch them argue. At least I know they can stick up for themselves. 

With that being said, I do try to come up with fun ways they can share together. My girls love to build towers. They fight over the lego blocks and other tower-building items. Some of the ways we get them to share and play together are by separating the blocks into two even piles. Each one has to build their own tower. Then, at times they will even knock each other’s down as part of the game. Whatever works right? 

Another fun game we do, which is more for a big sister to teach her little sister colors. We start by gathering all the blocks and placing them in a big bowl. Then, we use the “special tongs” to place the blocks in the correct color bowl. 

This encourages them to play together, take turns, and show praise to each other. 

My perfect Combo

I’m not the first to admit having kids is a lot of work. Whether it is one, two, or three kids. They all have needs. Although many days are more challenging than others I wouldn’t have it any other way. Do what works for you and your schedule. Allow the kids to help out with siblings by assigning age-appropriate jobs. I do this a lot. Especially for my oldest, she loves to help me in the kitchen. I will allow her to mix up the pancakes, I cook it, and we have baby sis be the taste tester.

The important thing to remember is they are kids as long they feel involved, it doesn’t matter what they are doing.

How many years apart are your kids?




Summer Hair Care Favorites for Curly Hair


“Curly Hair, Don’t Care”

Natural Curls
My daughter’s curly bun

Summer is one of my favorite seasons next to Fall. However, thanks to my thick middle-eastern hair, humidity is not my friend. Marci, my oldest daughter has hair just like her Mama. Although, her curls are more like Shirley Temples. She has such beautiful hair which makes it so frustrating to maintain since she does NOT like having her hair touched. If you can relate, check out some of my favorite hair care products!

“Brush it, Brush it real good”

Moving on from my corny Vanilla Ice reference. I have gone through a variety of brushes and combs to find the right ones. Especially, when it comes to my daughter’s hair. You would think she was in a horror movie the way she screams. I’m sure many of you can relate. The hair struggle is real.

Detangle Brushes are my Best Friends

The “Wide Tooth Comb Shower Comb With Hook, Good for Curly Hair Wet Dry, Premium Tangle Free Combs Black” is great, especially in the shower. I comb out all the knots while conditioning the hair. It is so much easier than trying to hold her down and comb her hair after the shower.

The Wet Detangle Brush is by far my favorite. It is super soft and doesn’t hurt while untangling knots.

Curly Care Product Favorites

I remember as a teenager I would put massive amounts of gel and mousse in my hair to get those kinky, crunchy curls. Oh, and the best part, top it all off with super hold hairspray. I quickly learned all I was doing was drying out my hair. Now, I stick to curling creams and “softer” hair products.

Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream is the best for getting those soft curls. This is definitely stocked in my house. I actually love a lot of products made by Cantu.

The curling cream for kids is perfect for my three-year-old’s hair. It keeps her curls from getting frizzy and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling. The last thing I need is to wash her hair every night!

Anti-Frizz Action

As I mentioned before, humidity is not my friend. Those hot summer days have me looking like I was electrocuted. If I know I am going to be outside I always be sure to use an anti-frizz spray to keep from looking crazy. OGX Strength & Length + Golden Turmeric Anti-Frizz Air Dry Hair Cream with Coconut Milk does the job well and it smells so good!

OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Curling Perfection Curl-Defining Cream, Hair-Smoothing Anti-Frizz Cream is another all-time favorite. I used to use anti-frizz serums but I found it to make my hair more oily than I wanted.

“All for one, and one for all”

Wet Brush Time Release Detangler is great for so many things. Not only does it keep your hair conditioned for a couple of days. It can be used as a heat protector as well.

No dead ends here

When I compare the products I use now to the crappy stuff I used in the past, I can definitely say less is more. You just have to use the right products. If you have curly hair like me you may find these products helpful. Comment below what your favorite hair care products are.

Disclosure: “Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at no extra cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase. “ = )


How Confidence Affects Growth


“The confidence you bring to the table, everyone eats.” – M.M.

Oftentimes, we learn more by teaching others. I always enjoyed training new colleagues in the jobs I worked. It gave me a chance to practice all my skills and possibly find new ways to be efficient. When it comes to parenting, the same concept applies. Every day is a lesson. 

I love watching my children grow and develop their own personalities. Naturally, I think back to my childhood and compare similarities. It is amazing how my oldest takes on many of my traits, while my youngest has the looks and laid-back demeanor like her Papa

Temper Tuesday

A couple of days ago, my daughter decided to have a full-blown tantrum because I couldn’t pour the water into her cup fast enough. Although, she had just finished drinking. As the day went on she continued to have these outbursts. At first, I thought it was just part of normal toddler stuff.  Then, at one point, I noticed my daughter would occasionally express herself in a way I was very familiar with. 

Finally, it was bedtime and I was able to calm her down. I realized my daughter is not only learning about different feelings and what they are. She is also learning at times we can feel many emotions at once. We don’t always know how to express them which leads to a lot of misunderstandings in communication. However, it is my job as her parent to guide her on communicating her feelings with words. 

Creator: Tim Paulawitz | Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Back to the Past

Later that night, I decided to take a trip back down memory lane and think about the “training session” I would give my younger self. The wisdom gained through each failure, every achievement, and many mistakes in my life has uniquely built my confidence for 31 years. 

As I hopped in my mental time machine, I went back 20 years….

Hey you! I mean, me? 


Good luck because this $h!t is hard! Ha ha, kidding. Well maybe, but you are doing great. However, it took awhile to get here. 

If you don’t do anything else, just always remember to be CONFIDENT in yourself:

Have Courage to speak up. 

Have Opinions of your own.

Have Navigation to guide you.

Have Failures you learn from. 

Have Insecurities you overcome.

Have Discipline you comprehend.

Have Education in every lesson.

Have Niceness to earn respect.

Have Talents you proudly show.

We got this. 😉

Here I am back to the present.

The same advice I would give myself are the lessons I can now carry on to my children, as well as other aspects of my life. 

Now it is your turn. What would you say to your younger self?


Creative Activity for Kids Reusing Cereal Boxes


“You’ve got Mail!”

I would like to thank the many years of being a nanny for my creativity. When it comes to kid’s activities, I always came up with something fun. While I was in high school and actually, for a few years after, I worked as a nanny for serval families. Some days I worked for two families. It was fun to bounce from house to house and hang out with different kids. I worked with children of all ages. I couldn’t even tell you which age was my favorite because I loved them all! However, the one thing they all had in common was the need to be entertained.

One of my favorite things we did was play “Mailbox.” I have always loved the concept of receiving a letter. I think I just liked the excitement of reading what was inside. Haha. I’m weird, I know.

Moving on, the idea came from something similar I did with my sister and cousins when we were younger. We would sit in the same room and write letters to each other. Then exchange them and write back. We even drew silly pictures. Clearly, this was before texting was a thing. 😉

I started playing Mailbox with the kids I would babysit and they loved it! Now, I have introduced the game to my kids. Although my girls aren’t quite at the writing stage, we make it work.

Step 1.

Get old cereal boxes to use as your “mailbox”. You can even use brown paper lunch bags. I have done that plenty of times!

Step 2.

Decorate the outside of your mailbox. You can use construction paper, stickers, markers, whatever you have. The point is to have fun! The same applies if you are using brown paper bags. Just decorate the outside to make it your own. We ran out of construction paper so this time we used a colored page of an activity book my daughter painted.

Step 3.

Now that your mailbox is nice and decorated. It is time to fill it up! Have the kids draw/color pictures, or write letters for each other. My girls decided to work together since the baby loves to copy her big sis. They decorated their pages with stickers.

Step 4.

Put your “letter” in the mailbox it belongs to!

The kids can then open their “mail” and enjoy their fun letters!

“Mailbox” is such a great game to get siblings to interact with each other. Also, the activity seems to keep the kids on the quieter side since everyone is busier making their pictures. The 2-in-1 activity keeps children occupied for a while. At least the ones I’ve played with! Tag @momsmishn on IG if you make your own mailboxes! I would love to see them.


How to Build a Career as a Stay-at-home-mom


You are more than “just a mom.”

If I added Mother to my resume, it would probably look something like this:

Title: Mother


Professional Summary: Strong, motivated leader, founder of Moms Mish’n. Co-founder of “M & A Lunacy Enterprise” Ambitious and hard-working Executive. Encourages teamwork and equal participation.   

Core-proficiencies include:

  • Communicating effectively in all forms of Gibberish
  • Supervising Junior Interns 
  • Educating and providing feedback
  • Mediating heated situations
  • Refocusing negative energy 
  • Scheduling appointments for all team members
  • Coordinating special events
  • Ensuring nutritional meal consumption for team members
  • Planning of inventory and ordering necessary supplies
  • Consolidating company finances and helping to decrease annual expenses
  • Providing clean attire for all team members
  • Maintaining sanitary spaces
  • Redesigning compacted spaces
  • Regulating proper safety measures


  • Google University
  • Trial & Error Labs

No one is more Ambitious than a Mama on a Mish’n 

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Since becoming a mother in 2018, one of my main missions was to have a career and still be able to stay with my daughter. I don’t even have to tell you daycare is expensive! After many calculations, it didn’t make sense for me to work just to pay for daycare. I was better off with my baby.

Before becoming a Freelancer, I had worked many side jobs as a stay-at-home mom. I did Instacart, Doordash, and even worked as a caregiver. The food delivery service was nice since I could make my own schedule. However, I actually enjoyed caring for the elderly more. Sometimes, I would take my daughter with me. She was about 18-months and I was 6 months pregnant with my second. We would go pick up our “grandma friend,” as I would call her, and go on an adventure to do whatever errands she had planned for the day.

When the pandemic began. I pretty much lost all my “outside hustles.” That’s when my “indoor hustles” came into place. In a previous blog, I talked about the ways I made over $1,000 from decluttering my apartment. If you haven’t already, definitely check it out. Explore ways you can do both get organized and make extra cash. 

According to a study conducted by Welch, studies show mothers work about 98 hours a week. So, why did I want ANOTHER job you ask? Good question. Well, being the go-getter that I am, I wanted to make my own money but more importantly, make my daughters proud. Many mothers have put careers among other accomplishments on hold after having children. Some job roles have even changed.

Thanks to the good ol’ internet there are endless ways to make extra money without even leaving your house. Becoming your own boss has grown into a new trend these days. Especially, since the pandemic. 

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How I became a Freelancer

Platforms such as UpWork and Fiverr are great places to start looking for freelance work. There are a plethora of job opportunities. Anything from one-time tasks to update someone’s address book to more long time work as a virtual assistant. You can also find work on Craigslist. Almost 80% of the jobs I have had I found on Craigslist including my current position. If you are more hands-on, check out Taskrabbit. There is someone out there willing to pay you just to put a coffee table together!

Nevertheless, the point is there are many options out there for you. Dust off your resume, polish it up, and start your freelancing journey. 

The Best Thing I did for Myself and my Family

Looking back 9 months ago when I decided to work full-time, it was the best decision I ever made. I can still remember applying for the position. The Craigslist job post was geared towards college students. Although I was not in college, I decided to apply anyway. I crafted my email around midnight filled with both anxiety and excitement. Normally, I go into detail about my work experience and skills. However, given that it was late and I had been chasing after two babies ALL day, I was exhausted. I briefly introduced myself and explained why my resume had shown my last position was from 3 years prior. After hitting “send email,” I looked up at my husband falling asleep on the couch next to me and confidently said, “I am going to get this job, watch.” Sure enough, I did. I found my passion in Marketing Communications. I have learned so much which has inspired me in many ways.

How to manage working as a WAHM

I met a fellow mama while looking for a nanny to help with the kids for a few hours during the day. She has a daughter in the same age group as mine and was willing to come to my house. Since becoming my children’s nanny our relationship has developed into a great friendship. In addition to our children becoming best friends. I could not have asked for a more perfect person to care for my babies.

Private sitter services are much less expensive than a typical daycare. I worked out my numbers as I always do and came up with how much I could afford monthly for childcare. Again, Craigslist is a great way to find local childcare, as well as You may also reach out to family and friends who are stay-at-home mothers as well. Don’t allow fear or lack of confidence in yourself to hold you back. We are Mamas and Mamas always find a way!

Not only am I able to work from home and earn extra income for my family. I provided an opportunity for another mom like me looking to make an income as well. 💜 

Has your career changed or stayed the same since becoming a mom?

Comment below what your “Mom” resume would say! 


“You are a great parent. You don’t feel it because you are in the survival stage.”


A doctor once told me during one of my mental breakdowns, “You are a great parent. You don’t feel it because you are in the survival stage.” At the time, that was the realist thing I understood. Sometimes it may seem as if we are not spending enough time with our kids. However, we don’t see our reflections enough.

What my children see: Mommy busy in the kitchen.
What I feel: Guilt. My child asked me to sit down and put together a puzzle.
What I don’t see: Myself stressing to make a meal which accommodates everyone. With hopes of at least getting the kids to eat a couple bites without going, “yuck.”

What my children see: Mommy on her phone.
What I feel: Stress. I need to get this grocery order in on-time or we may not have milk for tonight. I don’t have time to run to the store.
What I don’t see: Myself going through the cabinets and fridge each day, making lists of the things we need. Remembering to always have milk for my babies.

What my children see: Mommy hiding in the closet.
What I feel: Torn. I feel like I am missing fundamental moments throughout the day.
What I don’t see: Myself trying to build a career, something my children can be proud of. While trying to make extra money to take my kids on vacations.

What my children see: Mommy crying.
What I feel: anxious.
What I don’t see: Myself trying so hard to be a great mom. I don’t see everything I do is for my family.

A lot of times the reasons many new mothers fall into the path of postpartum depression is because we lose control. We just gave life to this tiny little human. Whether it’s your first, second, or fifth child, anxiety doesn’t care. As a new mom, we are beyond exhausted, still healing from giving birth, and probably starving. Since every time we try to take a bite of something the baby starts crying! Think about it. In any situation where we start to lose control over things we get anxious. It’s human. We are too hard on ourselves. The important thing is overcoming.

It was very hard for me at first to accept help. I have always been independent and I didn’t “need” anyone helping me. It made me feel like a failure. My biggest fear was my child not wanting me and wanting the other person for comfort. I know, it was silly to think that. Nevertheless, I overcame the feeling after realizing no one can ever replace my love and my babies know that. If you have the help, take it! We do everything all the time. It’s okay to let someone else do it for a couple hours. Whether it’s your partner, grandparents, or a close friend you trust, we need a break sometimes. That is what makes you a better parent. We need those breaks. Fortunately, my husband helps out a lot. He probably gives the children baths more than I do.

Sometimes as moms we forget who we were before kids. The 1-hour self care routine I did every night? Yeah, okay. Who has time for that? My hair ends up in this low, weird, ponytail thing for 3 days. Half of the time I can’t even remember what the original style was. I started dedicating more time for self-care. Maybe not an hour every night but even if I threw a face mask on while I did the dishes it made me feel a little better. “When you look better, you feel better.” Another thing my mom would always tell me. It’s true. If you look like a tired housewife, you’re going to feel like one. I started putting a little concealer on in the mornings and occasionally a little mascara. One of my favorites is just $5 on Amazon. It’s called the “Essence Lash Princess.” If you don’t use it already definitely try it. It gives you the look of false lashes without the heavy feeling. I have linked it here.

Even if I wasn’t going anywhere it still made me feel a little more alive. When I started working from home, it became routine. Especially on days I would have meetings. No one needs to see 3 years of lack of sleep. I come from a middle-eastern background so I naturally have darker circles and deep eye sockets. So, if I was up until 1am with a child who thought it was turn-up time it is not a pretty day for me. Giving yourself just 5 minutes in the morning can really make a difference to your overall attitude.

Self-care is so important and is something new moms often neglect. In order for us to be our best. We need to feel our best as well. Subscribe to my blog for upcoming announcements regarding my free downloadable Self-Care Challenge coming soon!