Summer Hair Care Favorites for Curly Hair

“Curly Hair, Don’t Care” Summer is one of my favorite seasons next to Fall. However, thanks to my thick middle-eastern hair, humidity is not my friend. Marci, my oldest daughter has hair just like her Mama. Although, her curls are more like Shirley Temple’s. She has such beautiful hair which makes it so frustrating to […]

How Confidence Affects Growth

“The confidence you bring to the table, everyone eats.” – M.M. Oftentimes, we learn more by teaching others. I always enjoyed training new colleagues in the jobs I worked. It gave me a chance to practice all my skills and possibly find new ways to be efficient. When it comes to parenting, the same concept […]

Creative Activity for Kids Reusing Cereal Boxes

“You’ve got Mail!” I would like to thank the many years of being a nanny for my creativity. When it comes to kid’s activities, I always came up with something fun. While I was in high school and actually, for a few years after, I worked as a nanny for serval families. Some days I […]

Who is the Bread Winner of your Family? Mama Money, Daddy Dollars, or Team Mom and Dad?

Modern times are rapidly changing. More jobs are being eliminated as new jobs are being created. Parents are becoming more creative in the many ways they can make money from home. Oftentimes, their hobbies which initially brought in a few extra dollars a month turn into full-time careers allowing their significant other the choice to […]

How to Build a Career as a Stay-at-home-mom

You are more than “just a mom.” If I added Mother to my resume, it would probably look something like this: Title: Mother 2018-Present Professional Summary: Strong, motivated leader, founder of Moms Mish’n. Co-founder of “M & A Lunacy Enterprise” Ambitious and hard-working Executive. Encourages teamwork and equal participation.    Core-proficiencies include: Communicating effectively in all […]

“You are a great parent. You don’t feel it because you are in the survival stage.”

A doctor once told me during one of my mental breakdowns, “You are a great parent. You don’t feel it because you are in the survival stage.” At the time, that was the realist thing I understood. Sometimes it may seem as if we are not spending enough time with our kids. However, we don’t […]

Do you prefer your spouse to work from home or outside of the home?

This thought had crossed my mind over the past week since my husband had a week off. Nevertheless, I do enjoy spending time with my hubby. However, as odd as it sounds, I look “forward” to him coming home from work. Does that make sense? We both start our day at about 7:30 am. He […]

Look at Yourself in the Mirror Mama

Look at yourself in the mirror mama, You are beautiful and strong. Look at yourself in the mirror mama, Even when the days are long. Look at yourself in the mirror mama, You are the rock of the family. Look at yourself in the mirror mama, Even through all the insanity. Look at yourself in […]

The “Hustle” Part 2: Easy Apps I Used to Make Money from my Phone

Here we are, back with Part 2 of my “at-home hustle.” If you read Part 1 you already know I went to town cleaning my apartment. It felt good to both make money and find another home for the things I no longer had use for. There are SO many apps out there to make […]

Moms Mish’n: The “Hustle” Part 1: How I Made Over $1,000 Cleaning my apartment

Let’s start with re-working my list after let’s call it my “epiphany.” I realized my to-do list consisted of many tasks mostly involving things for others. I was always stressed out and constantly cleaning to make space in our apartment. As our family grew the walls in our apartment felt as if they were closing […]


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