Methods for Dealing with Mom Rage

Advertisements 7 Ways to Limit Stress During Frustrated Moments Parenting is never easy. We have our moments, we’re all human! I’m sure everyone in my building can hear us at times. Each time your child pushes those buttons, it is very hard to find the patience. However, when you start to see your children expressing

5 Ways to Keep Kids Busy While Working from Home

Advertisements   5 Ways to Keep Kids Busy Summer is here and school is out! Well, for some school has been out as virtual learning has been the new way of schooling this past year and change. As for us parents, responsibilities remain the same. We have no “Summer break.” However, we do have to

Four Tips on Maintaining Emotional Balance in Toddlers

Advertisements Baby Burnout Blues When you think of someone feeling burned out or overwhelmed, you may think of a person who works a lot, or doesn’t have a lot of time to unwind. However, your youngsters don’t really come to mind. The truth is anyone can become overwhelmed at any age. Kids can experience burnout

Two Kids Under Two Years Apart: Benefits and Battles

Advertisements “If you did it once, you can do it twice.”  (or more in some cases) I had always imagined my daughter having a sibling. I just didn’t think it would have been so soon, haha. Well, given the fact neither one of my kids was necessarily planned, it wasn’t a huge surprise. More terrifying

Summer Hair Care Favorites for Curly Hair

Advertisements “Curly Hair, Don’t Care” Summer is one of my favorite seasons next to Fall. However, thanks to my thick middle-eastern hair, humidity is not my friend. Marci, my oldest daughter has hair just like her Mama. Although, her curls are more like Shirley Temple’s. She has such beautiful hair which makes it so frustrating

How Confidence Affects Growth

Advertisements “The confidence you bring to the table, everyone eats.” – M.M. Oftentimes, we learn more by teaching others. I always enjoyed training new colleagues in the jobs I worked. It gave me a chance to practice all my skills and possibly find new ways to be efficient. When it comes to parenting, the same

Creative Activity for Kids Reusing Cereal Boxes

Advertisements “You’ve got Mail!” I would like to thank the many years of being a nanny for my creativity. When it comes to kid’s activities, I always came up with something fun. While I was in high school and actually, for a few years after, I worked as a nanny for serval families. Some days

How to Build a Career as a Stay-at-home-mom

Advertisements You are more than “just a mom.” If I added Mother to my resume, it would probably look something like this: Title: Mother 2018-Present Professional Summary: Strong, motivated leader, founder of Moms Mish’n. Co-founder of “M & A Lunacy Enterprise” Ambitious and hard-working Executive. Encourages teamwork and equal participation.    Core-proficiencies include: Communicating effectively in


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