Two Kids Under Two Years Apart: Benefits and Battles

“If you did it once, you can do it twice.”  (or more in some cases) I had always imagined my daughter having a sibling. I just didn’t think it would have been so soon, haha. Well, given the fact neither one of my kids was necessarily planned, it wasn’t a huge surprise. More terrifying actually since I ended up in […]

Summer Hair Care Favorites for Curly Hair

“Curly Hair, Don’t Care” Summer is one of my favorite seasons next to Fall. However, thanks to my thick middle-eastern hair, humidity is not my friend. Marci, my oldest daughter has hair just like her Mama. Although, her curls are more like Shirley Temples. She has such beautiful hair which makes it so frustrating to maintain since she does NOT […]

How Confidence Affects Growth

“The confidence you bring to the table, everyone eats.” – M.M. Oftentimes, we learn more by teaching others. I always enjoyed training new colleagues in the jobs I worked. It gave me a chance to practice all my skills and possibly find new ways to be efficient. When it comes to parenting, the same concept applies. Every day is a […]